Our Story

We are SheEO skincare.

Our ideas for this company came to fruition when we-Sana Khalid and Kelly Schultz- realized that we wanted something bigger for ourselves. Working full time jobs, we quickly found that it’s so easy to put all of our time and energy into our work, families, and other pressing issues. As women in the business world, gaining success can be challenging because we are expected to have it all and do it all… but it’s difficult to do so when we don’t make time for ourselves.

While focusing on making changes that would better our wellness and ease the stress of our hectic lives, we realized that there was a need for high quality products for women. For years, we were making unique, homemade products, but it wasn’t until months after we met did we realize that high quality products need to be made for women from all walks of life.That is why we use spa quality ingredients and source them locally whenever possible.

Though we have two distinct personalities- Sana, the energetic go-getter and Kelly, the sweetheart and easygoing one. We balance each other out and support one another, which is what every SheEO must do.   

SheEO skincare’s goal is to provide our believers with excellent, high quality products that nourish the mind, body, and soul while connecting women to something greater within themselves. Every woman, no matter her current career or financial situation, deserves to feel valuable.

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